Dr Nedret Emiroglu embodies the vision, the skills and the values that the people in the European Region need to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

“I am a visionary and inclusive leader committed to excellence, transparency, accountability and partnership for accelerated progress in people’s health and wellbeing.”


As the Director of Programme Management for the WHO Regional Office for Europe, I am the principal advisor to the WHO Regional Director for Europe and have supported in defining policies and strategies, ensuring their policy coherence and integrated implementation towards better and more equitable health.


In this role, I have bridged divides and driven change for greater impact. I have the attributes of excellence that will allow my vision to become a reality and I will be operational, delivering results from day one.


“I have a unique combination of public health knowledge, expertise and managerial skills.”


As a medical doctor and public health expert, I have worked in leading roles throughout my career, serving across the entire public health panorama at the national and regional level. I have engaged successfully with senior political technical audiences addressing complex health situations.


This combines my extensive experience in setting goals and objectives; overseeing organizational management; designing efficient programmes; creating sustainable platforms for their implementation; and establishing sound mechanisms to monitor and evaluate outcomes.   


“I have driven the Regional Office to achieving results, working with all and for all the countries”.


I have fostered wide-ranging tailored country support, from provision of norms and standards; implementation of results-oriented policies and interventions; and the monitoring of health situations with focus to results and impact. I will embrace all countries of the Region, bridging with all WHO levels, and leading the office to be a partner for all people.


“I have given priority to creating respectful and enabling working environments conducive to producing results with the desired impact”.


I have promoted a culture of respect and dignity, team-work, excellence and empowerment of staff, as well as gender and geographical balance. I am committed to enhance this further and advance the Office’s operating model through value-for-money and efficient business processes, environmental friendliness and digitalization.


“I connect with people, be it the staff, the authorities, the partners, and the most vulnerable one”.


I have over 20 years of international experience, which has formed me as an open-minded leader with strong emotional intelligence. Alongside my excellent knowledge of Europe’s health status and challenges, this experience has given me a deep understanding of demographic, social, political, historical, ethnic and cultural aspects of each and every country.


“I have learned to master health diplomacy when addressing and engaging leaders, health personnel, academic and professional groups, partners and WHO staff”.


An inspiring communicator, I have the ability to tailor messages to different target groups, to engage and listen, and have the flexibility to adapt to change. I have a long-standing proven track-record of securing political and financial commitment for health and well-being.

“I have advanced the European Region’s agenda on embedding health at the heart of development”.

I have lead the work of the organization towards the goals of “better health for all” and “leaving no one behind” that are central to Health 2020 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


“As a trusted professional by all countries, partners, peers and staff, I am loyal to WHO’s mission and values".


As an international WHO civil servant with more than 20 years’ experience, I bring in-depth management experience and extensive knowledge of the organization. A leader with personal integrity, I have proven my ability to withstand pressures contrary to the values and interest of WHO. I know the countries, their challenges and opportunities, what needs to be done, and how.


“I am committed to delivering results from day one”.

Read more about Dr Nedret Emiroglu in her Curriculum Vitae (PDF link)

Photo Credit: WHO

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