Candidate as the WHO Regional Director for Europe

My vision for the next decade – Health 2030 - puts people at the centre for a healthier Europe: with all and for all.

Health in Europe: Challenges & Opportunities

"Health 2030 will build on the last decade’s advances in health and wellbeing and the higher political commitment for health. It will draw on European values of global solidarity, universality and equity calling for mutual learning and support; it will position health more strongly as origin and outcome of development; and will drive high return on health investments."


Our pace will be faster to implement existing commitments and close remaining gaps for better health outcomes.


Our action will be new to advance technologies and new approaches in support of countries’ health impacts.


Our step will be “ahead of the curve” to address existing challenges and forecast emerging threats, getting ready and setting for the future.


Our work will be inclusive to strengthen partnerships and governance for health, unifying countries, partners and people towards a shared vision.  


“Health 2030 represents the new health era for Europe with people at the center."

Photo Credit: WHO

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