With all and for all

“I believe in a European Region where global and regional partnership is invigorated, where the required means are mobilized, and where mutual learning and support are fostered for accelerated progress.


The Regional Office will be a trusted partner of each Member State, advocating for and supporting concerted impact-oriented actions in line with countries’ priorities and guidance from governing bodies”.

The value of working in partnership is central to Health 2030. The notion “with all and for all” harnesses an inclusive and broad partnership at the benefit of everyone.


I am committed to engage first and foremost with Member States under the guidance of governing bodies and with all stakeholders that share WHO values and vision.


While strengthening collaboration with traditional partners, I will particularly foster stronger collaboration with the European Union and its agencies.


I will expand partnerships with the civil society and the private sector as part of the solution. I will explore stronger engagement through platforms like partner and civil society forum.


Photo Credit: WHO

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