People at the centre for a
healthier Europe: with all and for all

“Health 2030” is my vision of revitalized Health Policy for a healthier Europe with people at the center.


I believe in building the future of the European Region on the basis of health gains and the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Together we will strive for better health and wellbeing grounded in equity, human rights and sustainability. And we will be one step ahead, leaving no one behind”.

Health 2030 is my vision for a new health era in Europe: a shared overarching health policy developed together with countries, governing bodies, partners and the people of the European Region.


Health 2030 will build on the evidence, experiences and health gains of Health 2020, aligned with WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work and moving towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Building on longstanding European values of solidarity, human rights, universality and unconditional equity, Health 2030 will position health at the highest political and development agenda - as a contributor, beneficiary and outcome of development. I will drive investments in and for health as a vital economic and societal catalyst.


Putting countries at the centre and serving all the people, Health 2030 will focus on enablers for health and wellbeing, addressing all determinants of health –social, economic, environmental, cultural, commercial- with a strong public health component. It will pursue universal health coverage for healthier and happier lives for everyone.


The life course approach will take a right-based and an equity angle, accelerating age-appropriate interventions – including for sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights- targeted to areas and groups that suffer most. I will mainstream gender-based approach in all programmes to improve women’s as well as men’s health.

All vulnerable groups women, children, minorities and migrants will be prioritized to access quality, timely, affordable, safe and culturally sensitive health services. In particular I will focus on the health of the elderly and of the youth by aligning with their needs and linking health with social services.


I am committed that the WHO Regional Office will be the trusted partner for all European countries and stakeholders on the basis of its excellence in science, leadership in health, convening power, efficient business models and empowered staff.


Working with countries, partners and all stakeholders, WHO will be relevant to all countries, tailoring its support to their needs and contexts for better health impact.


And anticipating and preparing for challenges “we will be one step ahead, leaving no one behind”.

Strategic Priorities

The four strategic priorities are the foundation of Health 2030, driving the policy towards sustainable improvements in systems and policies.
Public Health


An overarching strategic priority addressing health determinants to make all European people healthier

Universal Health Coverage


People-centered, accessible and integrated quality health services and financial protection for all

Health emergencies & antimicrobial resistance

Accelerated preparedness linked with public health functions and health systems to save lives from emergencies

Health information & innovation


Health information and evidence for decision-making, and digital health and technologies at the benefit of public health

Flagship Areas of Work

I prioritize seven interventions under three cross-cutting flagship areas.
These address major health burden in the Region and offer the greatest health gains with accelerated actions.

People at the center for noncomunicable diseases and mental health, prevention and continuum-of-care

Closing the gap on communicable diseases and immunization with bold actions

Effective interventions on environmental determinants and climate change through an equity lens

Working Principles

The HOW: Four interlinked working principles will galvanize Health 2030 implementation to address challenges, steer opportunities and achieve impact.

Our pace will be faster in implementing existing commitments and closing remaining gaps for better health outcomes.


Our actions will be “ahead of the curve” to address existing challenges and forecast emerging threats, gearing and preparing for the future.


Our interventions will be cutting-edge to advance technologies and new approaches in support of countries’ health impacts.


Our work will be inclusive to strengthen partnerships and governance for health, unifying countries, partners and people towards a shared vision. 

Photo Credit: WHO

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